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About us


ME-MIND has a small and solid consortium that covers the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach of the project, counting on different and complementary expertises in the cultural sector alongside the ME-MIND process: from the data identification to the artistic data visualisation.

Fondazione Sistema Toscana (organiser of Internet Festival) and Eesti Rahva Muuseum represent two different domains of the cultural sector, event and permanent exhibitions, with an expertise in cultural policy management; University of Pisa has conducted over the years numerous studies in relation to data assessment and analysis and Domestic Data Streamers is a creative agency specialised in “transforming information into human actions”.



Fondazione Sistema Toscana (FST) is a non-profit participative foundation created in 2005 by the Tuscany Region with the aim to promote the Tuscan territorial system through multimedia communication tools. 

As technological developments and communication tools continue to evolve, FST has adapted over these years its daily work coherently with its mission in a great variety of fields: digital communication, cultural heritage, tourism promotion, cinema and audiovisual activities and youth policies.

FST implements and manages a web newspaper – Intoscana.it – aimed at the information and communication of the Tuscan excellences, and it manages Visittuscany.com – the official tourism web portal of the Tuscany Region. Moreover, FST conceives and delivers complex events: one of these – Internet Festival – will be investigated as a use case during the project. 

FST is the coordinator of the project and responsible for the dissemination and communication activities. FST is excited to develop the ME-MIND project in order to unfold the impacts of its activities and make them comprehensible for the general audience in an innovative and immersive way.

Website: https://www.fondazionesistematoscana.it/


The team from the University of Pisa brings together people from different backgrounds and experience sharing a common interest in innovative solutions in several fields enabled by ICT. The organizations involved within UNIPI are the Department of Computer Science (http://www.di.unipi.it) and the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (https://dici.unipi.it).  The Departments are world-class scientific institutions fully engaged in cutting-edge research, training and technology transfer in information technology, industrial automation, digital culture and management.

The team also involves external collaborators with experience in innovative projects in digital culture.
They can provide the necessary contacts and involvement of museums and other cultural institutions. The UNIPI team’s vision is to promote the quality and impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on society at national and international level, carrying out long-term and interdisciplinary research of excellence and committing to innovation, technology transfer and education.

Although it is not easy to predict the future uses of information, the next decade will certainly see even more drastic changes, and ICT will still find new ways to change people’s lives.


The Estonian National Museum is the largest museum in Estonia. Its focus is on the cultural heritage of Estonia and Finno-Ugric cultures. In 2016 the museum opened a new building and permanent exhibitions, becoming one of the most dynamic European national museums. Recently, the ENM has become a leading research institution of museology, merging tools and theoretical frameworks from different research disciplines in order to target the development of participation and cultural communication. The ENMs goal is to study cultural change and innovation processes that accompany museums with open data and digital media. 

Estonian National Museum’s role in the project is to analyse and map the needs and expectations of creative and cultural organisations working in the event and museum sector, in order to create a reasonable framework for the impact evaluation. Involvement of the stakeholders in this process will be crucial for the discussions and the testing of the framework. ENM is also part of the project communication and dissemination activities

Website: https://www.erm.ee/en


Domestic Data Streamers is a strategic communication consultancy firm set in Barcelona. We provide research, design and strategy services to multinational clients, and we create digital and analogue communication campaigns that raise impact through interactivity and storytelling.

Our mission is to create meaningful connections between information and people. By wielding design, research, new data languages, creativity and technology, we work outside the media noise and help people understand, connect and engage with complex topics.

Website: https://domesticstreamers.com/