Experience data. Make culture count.

Illustrated guidelines

Illustrated guideline #1:
Data in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI)


(Teaser) You will find answers to:

1. What are data? What types of data exist?

2. How to use them within your organisation? Brief overview from data collection to visualisation

3. Data is everywhere: you just have to organise it and know how to show it

Me-Mind 1st infographic: Data and CCIs


Illustrated guideline #2:
Data collection methods for CCIs


(Teaser) You will find answers to:

1. How to collect data? What are the advantages of the various techniques?

2. Data is everywhere (part 2), even where we don’t expect it!

Me-Mind 2nd infographic: Data collection methods


Illustrated guideline #3:
Data-based Cultural and Creative Industry organisation


(Teaser) You will find answers to:

1. Why are data-driven decisions important?

2. What is the role of data in the organisational processes?

3. Does data help measure impacts?

Me-Mind 3rd infographic: Data based CCI organisation